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Print On Demand


Dramatic Imagery your clients are looking for & custom sized to their specific needs

​Our "Urban Collections" produces quality Giclee on Canvas pieces finished with a beautiful semi matte/gloss laminate, and stretched over a solid  1-1/4" bar. Choose any proportionate size (to the original file size) to a maximum size of 57" x  110".

Compared to similar giclee products on the market, our pricing comes in at 50% less, providing you with increased sales and profit.

Our Print on Demand Images are sold by the square inch, your cost can be calculated by multiplying the desired

width x length x the wholesale square inch price (found listed next to each item in the catalog).

Should you wish to view a sample of the artwork we produce please contact Michael at 778.835.5460,

he would be happy to set up a time to come out and show you some of our work.
Give your Gallery walls a fresh new look with "Urban Collections".

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