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We offer much more than just framing supplies.


Canvas Transfer

The Canvas Transfer is an effective and economical way to reproduce original artwork, prints, posters and photographs. The process, which is done by hand from start to finish, simulates the rich look of an oil painting in appearance and texture and requires no glass for protection.

The technique begins with taking a poster, print or laser copy of a photo and laminating it with an anti-glare, UV protective finish. It is then placed in a bath solution where afterwards the image on the print is hand peeled from the paper and transferred onto an 8 oz., acrylic-primed cotton canvas.

After the transfer is complete, a wood stretcher bar is custom –made to fit the transfer, then it is stretched and secured onto the bar. Finally, a special tape is applied to finish the edge and the piece is ready to hang.

Canvas Transfers may be hung with or without a frame.

Digital Printing

Our Large Format digital printing equipment produces high resolution and quality through a Giclee printing process. Pronounced "Zhee-CLAY" this french term means simply "to spray ink" and is used in reference to artwork and photo reproduction where exceptional accuracy in printing is required.

We can make giclee's from :

* Digital Photo (email, put on cd, or on a removable drive)

* Printed Photo (Using the scanner)

* Negative (Using the negative scanner)

* Original Art (Paintings on canvas, canvas board, watercolor paper)

Media we can print on:

* Canvas - Stretched or Rolled

* Photo Paper - Gloss, Luster, Semi-Matte, and Watercolor

Your customers will have many options including final size of artwork, editing, and media type.

For more information contact Lorenzo - more info.

We are NOT currently taking online orders. Please call or e-mail us to order any products. Thanks in Advance. Frame Warehouse

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